Question Just upgraded my gpu and now my games are crashing if I increase the quality ?

Nov 22, 2022
Hi, I need some help. I just upgraded my gtx 1660 super to a sapphire nitro+ AMD Radeon rx 6800 txt SE and after installing the drivers I tried to play some
games but ever time I increase the graphics the pc just crashes completely and the weird thing is that to turn the pc back on I need to take off the power cable and put it back on… Then I tried some vr games, the same thing happened, I can launch the games but it crashes after increasing the graphics… Then I tried to do a stress test with the amd software and it doesn’t even take a second to crash the pc. I’m starting to think that maybe my psu is not up to date with the gpu…

My specs:

CPU-Ryzen 5 3600
Psu- Unyka 52053 950W
Ram - 2x8
Motherboard- B450 gaming plus max