Question Just upgraded to Windows 10. What mobo drivers do I need to install, if any?


Feb 14, 2012
Hello all!

I did the free upgrade from 7 Ultimate to Window 10 Pro 64bit, and everything seems to be working fine (graphics card got a clean install for drivers), but I have a pile of drivers from the Asrock site (B75 Pro-3m) and I wanted to know which of these I should install (if any) and how I check to see if Windows already provided the same driver version. Some of this stuff I don't even know what it is, so any help would be great: Pro3-M/?cat=Download#Download

I already downloaded them all but haven't installed any. I probably won't do the Realktek audio driver because I had to find an old Vista driver that would let me do Stereo Mix (for Rocksmith video capture, bypassing audio exclusivity with an aux cable), and that seems to be working just fine. More concerned about the INF (?) SATA drivers and anything the mobo and CPU might need. Also, should I install that 3tb unlocker, in case I ever get enough space to go above 3tb? (I assume that's what it's for).

Here's the manual, which explains some of the proprietary stuff in the gray section: Pro3-M.pdf

Funny that they offer an overclocking tool in the same manual in which they tell you this board cannot be overclocked.

Thanks for looking, and I appreciate any help!

BTW because my sig is outdated, I have an i7 3770 and 16gigs of ram now, and a 1070ti. Got this old dinosaur VR ready!
(from before installing 10, which I did yesterday)

Edit: Do I need to uninstall/reinstall any of my Steam games to get the W10 version? I noticed when I tried to run the same copy of VR Mark from before the upgrade, it was unable to retrieve my system information, which got me wondering if it was the wrong version now...
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Just the first five in that list if you just want it to work normally. The others are utilities that offer some function, but are not necessary.

The one for enabling 3TB drives might come in handy if you ever get a drive that large with this system. Worth downloading so you have it, but no need to install it until it is needed.