Just what memory should I get? Advise me please!


Oct 28, 2006
Hi folks, I've managed to find ~£350 hidden in my bank account. Decided I need to upgrade my ancient A64 3000 setup. Decided best bang for the buck would be a C2D E6750 and a Asus P5N32-E SLI (I have 2 7900GTs running).

My issue is which RAM to go for, I'm at a complete loss.

I've seen Dominator Series Twin2X2048-8500C5D for £115 or some PC26400 slots going for <£100. I plan on pushing the CPU a bit but no OTT.

What do I go for?



Oct 6, 2006
Fast ram speeds don't make much difference to overall system performance, so the PC8500 isn't worth it unless you want to squeeze every last drop of performance from your system. The CPU has a 333MHz fsb, and if your OCing it, ideally you should keep the ram speed and fsb in a 1:1 ratio. If you bought DDR800 (PC6400) therefore, you would be able to overclock up to 3.2 GHz without overclocking the ram at all. Personally I'd get some Ballistix PC6400.... price is good at several places in UK and it overclocks like a dream, should you ever have need for it. Plus, with it overclocking so well it should run great at stock speeds and below, you could even tighten the timings if you wanted.