Question Kali linux not installing cleanly

Feb 6, 2020
Hello all,
I have windows 10 and I tried making dual boot with kali linux, downloaded iso from the official site of kali(the version is kali 2020.1b X64).
I have shrinked my disk with 70 gb and used them to install on them the new OS.
I must say that I made bootable usb with rufus and tried making it by ISO and by DD.
When I was installing with both ISO and DD I get the same error: "Failed at installling applications", I had the option to skip this step so I did and after the installation finishes, by me manually pressing finish installation, the pc restarts and I boot in Kali, but I get in the cmd and I do not have GUI.
I have typed apt-get update, apt-get upgrade - y and apt-get install -f gdm3 to enable my GUI and when I was installing with ISO I successfully downloaded packages with these commands. However when I logged in and I had GUI I did not had any applications, not even terminal from where to try downloading packages, I had only help available and it was GNOME GUI help. So I tried installing again thinking I am doing something wrong, installed with DD this time as I found that people suggest DD over ISO. This time though I got the same error message: "Failed at installling applications", when I restarted and booted to kali I got in the terminal and tried the commands but this time I was getting all the time: "Temporary failure resolving". I had internet connection at the both installations.
What should I do? I looked at some yt tutorials and they all seem to install it without any problems. This makes me think the problem is in me. Please help.
Kali Linux (and other distros so loved by would-be-next-hacker) are not meant to be installed, or used as a daily driver - you put them on an USB drive, boot, finish your work, then boot back into your everyday OS. If you need GUI - install Mint / Ubuntu / etc.