Kansas Database Hack Exposed 5.5 Million SSNs

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Jun 12, 2015
As someone who fell afoul of one of the many breaches, I can tell you that the one year of credit monitoring goes no further. If you are a victim of identity theft, you are on your own. If you decide to place a credit freeze on your accounts with the four (yes, four) major credit agencies, you will pay $10 each time you temporarily remove it so a creditor can verify your credit.

As for companies and the government using biometric data, refuse to give it, because you can always change a password, but you cannot change your fingerprints or eyeballs. And since there is no serious penalty for breaches, your biometric data will be stolen eventually.
"5.5 million people from 10 states"
and those states are!!!????
You've gotta be kidding.

I used your extra links to dig and find out I'm NOT at risk.
Arkansas 597,374
Arizona 896,370
Delaware 236,134
Idaho 170,517
Kansas 563,568
Maine 283,449
Oklahoma 430,679
Vermont 183,153
Alabama 1,393,109
Illinois 807,450


May 29, 2008
Man, Trump really wants those voter details.

The government is run by people, and people are arrogant, stupid, and fallible. But oh, if you don't trust the government you're paranoid or an anarchist.

Reminds me of when a U.S. Census auditor lost a laptop with hundreds of thousands of people's surveys on it (unencrypted). And they wonder why some people are violently opposed to giving their information to said auditors.


Jun 17, 2017
I am 100 years old. Take me back to the days when you had the huge rotary dial phones, everything was handled on paper, computers didn't exist, I never ever locked the doors to my car or house unless I went on vacation, there was a hell of lot less crime, people actually respected police & they were eager to help you out, Doctors made house calls & his staff took pride in getting facts of your illness correctly documented, when people actually went to restaurants & sat down, ate & spoke to one another instead of each person staring at their dumbphone. Yes, we've come a long way, just in the wrong direction!
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