Question Kaspersky+MB detecting phishing when using phantom wallet extension (chrome+brave), blocking "nft image storage site"

Jul 18, 2022
When I use phantom wallet (extension) both kaspersky and MB detect some phishing attempt and block some of the sites that seem to store NFT-images ( etc..). I believe these sites are legit and I have no problem visiting them through other sources (nft marketplace has the same storage site).

The issue (attack) seems the be happening only when I log in to my wallet extension on chrome or brave (extension is installed directly from the chrome store). Both kaspersky and MB detect this. I ran scans on both and I have no detections.. I have another pc on the same network where I also have the same extension without any attack attempts detected.

So, it looks like certain tasks, like using the wallet extension, is starting the "attacks". I firstly did not have the extension installed on brave, but installed it to troubleshoot this issue. So the same attack is happening now on brave too.

I have no idea what I should do when I have done full deep scan with kaspersky (security cloud) and MB (and I have the free trial to all features).

Any help appreciated.

I tried installing Slope wallet but get the same detection.

I scanned one of the sites detected by my AV and MB, on virustotal's multi site scanner and only a handful of around 100 sites reported this as phishing/malicious or scam: virustotal

So I'm wondering if this is a fake detection..

RESOLVED! I downloaded another wallet Solflare that has an infunction burn option, meaning I can delete the NFT I thinkis a scam. After burning I no longer have any detections from my A/V or MB. Actually its very good that both A/V and MB detects scam nfts located in your wallet. Just by opening up my wallet it was detected.

This issue is resolved so any mod can close or keep it open if anyone wants to ask any further questions.
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