Kazakhstan To 'Superfish' Its Citizens; OS And Browser Vendors Could Stop It

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Larry Litmanen

Jan 22, 2015
Will this be used for political reasons? Sure it will but this is the result of US policies and to somewhat lesser extent Islamism.

Kazakhstan has terror issues, it is surrounded by countries that have serious Islamic insurgency so monitoring internet will be a huge blow to them as it is impossible to communicate in the modern world without it.

Now as far as US policies, Ukraine had a legit President taken down by US financed opposition, well now Russia will make sure there will be no opposition. A tit for tat.


Dec 3, 2015
Using Superfish is like letting a monkey drive a plane! We stopped that in Kazakhstan 3 years ago.


Jan 31, 2014
Kazakhstan has terror issues, it is surrounded by countries that have serious Islamic insurgency

What terror issues? Which of the countries surrounding Kazakhstan has serious Islamic insurgency?

What you are talking about is nonsense.


Nov 9, 2008
"They could even release future versions of their operating systems that would disallow any other root certificate than the default ones."

In that case such OS would be banned from use or distribution by most of the countries on Earth.
We are closing to the day when nations of the world would tell US-spying OSes to fuck off with limiting user choosing of software, solutions and places to put their private data unsniffed by CIA and NSA.
Messing up with certificates (that are messy top-to-bottom thing anyway) could act badly to business customers and companies use.

Actually US companies and other users of US-issued certificates in the world are already spied upon because NSA has their root certificates and since data in the cloud is not encrypted for the US government and US companies (reads Microsoft vs US courts) are forced to give user data from all over the world to US courts and agencies, this event is just duplicating such policy but in open and legal way..

What if rest of the world starts blocking all US-issued certificates, on premise that by coming from US, they are made and used to spy upon every user? (and that is no secret, especially after Windows 10).
Is is as always, internal issue of that country and they should solve it in their own way, explaining why it is techically wrong and against development and rights of an individuals and local companies could suffer with position on the world maket as weel as country's reputation.

But short-sigted "solutions" provided in this text article, reflect general twisted view of US and western foreign policy with no real democracy in sight:
To put countries, companies, individuals , wistleblowers (Snowden,Assange) and whole Nations under sanctions, control, stress, torture, bombing and military killings. It is just one thing that "western" "democracies" and their citizens lost during previous years:
The right to tell anyone else what to do, because of their inner imorallity and double-faced politics, that reflects on human to human communication around the Earth.
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