Kb and mouse under £100


Nov 11, 2012

1. Impressed by the Razer tiapan and g9x

2. is a gaming keyboard really necessary? ( FPS, L4D2, skyrim, bf3, portal, etc.)

2b. if so, how much anit-ghosting?

3. g110 kb any good?



Jul 5, 2012
i brought one of these last week
found it to be dogs eggs so returned it added a few pounds and brought this
wich is excellent for my usage (gaming/typing)
will be tgetting this mouse soon as funds allow
as it is supposed to be the best
hope that helps
as to why the trust is so poo, well the keys dont repeat when held and the mose powers down after a few seconds of no activity requireing a movement or button press to power on agaijn


Mar 8, 2012
ok, we gonna go backwards -

anti ghosting is good; it's not *fundamental*, but in rare occasions it can cost you a kill or two, if you play really-fast FPS games, like CS, quake, even CoD or BLOPS.
however, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on "gaming kb", as most of the advantages they say they provide are in fact BS.

gaming mouse - this depends on 1) the size of your hands and 2) the grip style which you use. idk either, so i can't really tell you which mouse to buy but, the G9x is the best, or one of the very best, mouse on the market.
other mice you could consider - the abyssus, the Sensei, the G400, the M500, or deathadder. stay away from the sidewinders.

my best advice is to try them. if a friend has a mouse you like, then get that one. if you have a shop nearby that sells PC hardware, go tell them you want 2 buy a mouse, but that you want to try them first. a good grip beats a super sensor every day of the week.

(btw - the best keyboards, if in the future you want to spend a boatload of money, are Filco Majestouch, cherry red mx switches; i suggest "tenkeyless")

microsoft sidewinder keyboard is the best gaming keyboard you can buy with dome keys. $/£30-40 depending on where you shop
it has the best anti ghosting or key roll over.
currently the best cheap mouse is in my opinion anker precision laser gaming mouse, 8000dpi for 30 bux with a whole host of other features only found on mice that are much more expensive.
honeslty you wont do better for the money than these 2.