Question KB4515384 and search utility


Oct 10, 2016
Ever since I installed Win 10 I have noticed the search utility is a big time FAIL compared to the search utility on
Win 8. In fact I had to install an app to be able to do searches of files and their contents for various strings. (I use Doc Fetcher now)

I have gone into the search utility several times following procedures I have found on the net but have never been able to get Win 10 to do a full index. I just assumed that it was something they decided was too useful, like a DVD player utility included in the OS, which they abruptly halted in Win 8.

But I read that KB4515384 was supposed to resolve problems in the search utility. I am wondering whether the idea was to get the search utility back to Win 8 levels of usefulness or whether it was just some minor thing which, even when they fix works as intended, won't amount to much. I am somewhat astounded that Win 10 users have put up with this lousy search utility all these years and why complaints are not more vocal and more numerous, but there it is.

Greg N


Jul 2, 2019
You can control exactly what is and is not included in the Windows Search Index.

Settings, Search, Searching Windows Pane. You can exclude specific drives/folders under the Excluded Folder section and, if you wish to include drives/folders not included by default, activate the Advanced Search Indexer Settings link.

There's also a link for the Indexer Troubleshooter.

I've never had any issue with the Windows 10 search beyond it including more than I want included in search locations. I long ago turned off including web results but I still use the Everything search by because I almost always want to search on file name alone, and not include file content as part of the search. If I do want file content included then I use Windows Search.


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