Question KB5001330 problems persists even after uninstalling

Apr 24, 2021
Hello there,

I'm guessing this KB5001330 update has gotten itself quite the infamous title these past few days.

Straight to the point, this update caused my laptop some issues regarding GPU usage. My laptop now switches between the integrated GPU and discrete GPU constantly (at least it looks like that in the task manager). It's giving me a bunch of performance issues, every software will stutter because it keeps changing between GPUs where Intel's Graphics will have 100% usage at times without even letting Nvidia to take over. I have tried the following methods to force windows to use the discrete GPU (No results):
  1. Disabling Intel Graphics through Device Manager
  2. Going to the Graphics Performance Preference and setting each software to use discrete GPU
  3. Going to Nvidia Control Panel and changing the global settings to use High-performance Nvidia Processor
I decided to just uninstall the updates because I don't have enough time to wait for Windows to roll out a repair update because I have work deadlines and need to travel outside of my state for a college entrance exam. So I looked through the internet to search for fixes yet all they offer is to just uninstall the update, and then I did. Problem is, the issues caused by the updates remained even after uninstalling the update. I have tried the following methods to remove the update (No results):
  1. Uninstalling it through Update History
  2. Uninstalling it through Elevated CMD using WUSA
  3. Uninstalling it through Powershell
  4. Even had to reset my Windows because I tried some tutorials requiring me to delete some files off of the Sys32 folder and made my whole Windows corrupt. You'd think resetting Windows will work? No, it didn't.
Any fixes, anyone? Please..

System Info:

Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.867)

Intel Core i7-7700HQ @2.80GHz (8 CPUs)

Intel HD Graphics 630
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB)


Mar 28, 2016
Try uninstalling your gpu drivers with DDU and then install them manually from the Nvidia website. Might just be a corrupted Nvidia driver that was caused by updating windows. I am not saying this will work for sure, but is the first thing I would try.

I am sorry if you already tried this but I didn't read that you did in your post.