Question keep laptop monitor display off ?

Oct 18, 2020
Hi guys, i need some help with an issue that's been bugging me for months...

so i got a new laptop in... April... i think. it's an asus vivobook.

the problem that i found is that i can't get the toggle the fn key...
so here's my issue. i like to listen to music as i go to sleep and my laptop is right next to my bed, which is great, only problem is that i get get the damn display to stay dark (Every time i press a random key, or move the mouse it turns right back up) and i cant toggle the fn key which means that when i want to blank the screen again i have to physically reach out and pressed the fn key and the f7 key at the same time... not the easiest thing to do when you're half asleep.

my old laptop, a lenovo something model didnt have the same problem, it blanked it's screen as soon as i tapped the f7 key and didnt turn back on until i tapped it again...