Keep losing DNS server


Feb 21, 2016
My internet keeps dropping. Troubleshooter keeps saying it couldn't connect to the DNS server. Restarting the modem (Actiontec Wireless N dsl modem/router combo GT784WN) clears it up, but then it'll drop connection again at a random time. Started two days ago. Yesterday I had to restart twice, and again this morning. I've changed the DNS server configuration from automatic to, as of yesterday, OpenDNS (, to Google's DNS after the drop this morning.

The modem is six months old, cables are the same age. My ISP is Frontier, could it be an issue on their end?

Edit: I appear to have fixed the issue. Reset my modem to factory settings. No drops for the last day and a half. Here's hoping I didn't just jinx myself.
It would be nice if the messages where more clear. The loss of DNS is just a symptom. If the internet goes down you will lose access to everything. It just complains about the DNS because that is what it is trying to use.

You can confirm it is a network outage by letting a constant ping run to That happens to be the google DNS server but you are using the IP so it is not affected by dns. You could use if you don't like the google one.

I would also let a ping run to your router IP. That is to confirm that your pc and router are ok. This should still be responding when you see failures to the ip address

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