Question Keep losing internet connection every 30 minutes


Jul 21, 2014
Hello Guys,

I'm in need of some help with my internet connection. My connection was fine all the time until lately for 3 weeks now, my connection doesn't seem to be stable anymore. I'm working on a desktop from my home, so every 30 minutes or so i would loose my internet connection. Not only that, but it doesn't come back, i find myself obligated to restart my computer in order for the internet to come back, because i have tried to plugin and out my RJ-45 cable and to restart my router but with no result, the only thing that seemed to get the connection back is for me to restart my computer, which is a real pain considering that i'm working all day!

That been said, the first thing you would suspect is it's my ISP maybe, but i think in my opinion we can eliminate that probablity, because i have a laptop that uses wifi and doesn't seem to have this abnormal interuptions in my internet. I work with the laptop just fine. So it's just on the desktop (where i work mostly).

So if anyone of you have any idea/clue or a suggestion to how i might solve this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you