Question Keep or sell brand new GTX 1080?


Feb 1, 2014
In quite a dilemma with a luxury problem 😅

So I bought a GTX 1070 on endsale at half the normal price. The store didn't have enough 1070's and as I apparently ordered the last piece I didn't get one. Instead they sent me a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1080 as a replacement. Just my luck!

The card I've got installed in my rig now is a 1060 3GB. The GPU is the last piece I need to upgrade as I've already replace my motherboard and processor with a i5 9600K / Gigabyte Z390 UD.

As of now I only play CSGO and a 1070 would had been a great replacement. Now that I have a 1080 I think it might be a bit overkill?

What would you guys do. Keep the 1080 or sell it and buy something cheaper like a 1070/1660Ti?
Nah, I don't think it's going to be overkill. Just keep the GTX 1080....That's a good GPU, and that too you are rocking a pretty decent CPU as well. (y)

Don't downgrade. On what screen RES do you play games ? 1080p, 2K, or 4K ? Also, there is not a very huge performance difference between the 1070 and 1080 either. So, it's not overkill, IMO.
I would keep the 1080 and sell the 1060 3gb. For a 144hz 1080p monitor a GTX 1080 is not overkill for most games. For some modern AAA titles, your 1060 or even a 1660ti will not be enough for 180p 144hz.
A 9600k with a 8gb GTX 1080 is actually a very good combination.
Alright. I do 1080p gaming using a ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q
Okay, that's a good MONITOR. No worries here. BTW, why did you order the 1070, in the first place, coming from a GTX 1060 3GB card ? It surely is an upgrade, but not that much. You should have also gone for the GTX 1080 Ti variant, if you were willing to spend some extra cash.

Were you not interested in the new RTX TURING GPUs ? Anyways, never mind, the GTX 1080 is still a decent GPU. Happy Gaming.