Question Keep this monitor?

Nov 29, 2020

I have two 27 inch monitors atm, I do need a new monitor (I actually won that monitor) I haven't taking it out of the box and I do enjoy my 27 inch monitors but read 24 inch is the best for gaming.

I like to game and watch videos on my other monitor, not sure if I really need a third monitor. I'm wondering if I should sell it and buy a 27 inch monitor or just keep this.

I was going to build a new PC but was told this is literally the worst time to build a PC, with covid and now christmas coming up. I'm not even sure if my GTX 660 can even play WoW and run all 3 monitors lol...

Also just read that if you're on anything over 24 inches, you want 2k or 4k. So I guess anything that's 27 inches 4k for gaming will be stupid expensive or not that great for gaming? I guess 24 inches 1080p is great for gaming and viewing videos?

Think I can use 3 monitors with gtx 660? Wait until I get new PC to unbox it? Sell it for $180 and put that towards a nice 27 inch monitor?