Kernel data inpage error - Win 8.1


Dec 6, 2014
Hi All,

I've come across a BSOD error on my computer. So far its happened three times, once several months back, then twice within the space of two weeks.

Error -> Kernel_data_inpage_error spaceport.sys

Problem occurred first time whilst in sleep I believe (I wasn't next to it when it happened). Next two times happened when playing a game, to which the graphics in the game went distorted to some degree before BSOD.

Now the super odd thing is, after this, the pc will refuse to get out of a BIOS loop. It runs the EZ mode for ASUS motherboard, when I try to exit to goes straight back to it. I have to power the pc off via the button to get it running again =/.

Not really sure what it is, but I believe it is also related to another problem in which the pc has some extended startup time (i'll explain this in the footnote as the BSOD is the main one I'd like to solve).

Computer Setup Below;

Windows 8.1 x64
256gb crucial SSD running OS [C:]
1TB HDD [E:]
GTX970 graphics
Asus Z-97a motherboard

I believe everything is up to date. Graphics card drivers I believe are very buggy recently.

I've run CHKDSK on both drives, and cmd shows no problems.

I can't find the Minidump folder anywhere (have hidden files to show). There is a "LiveKernelReports" folder with several .dmp, so I can post of those if required.

Any help towards this would be really helpful, thank you.

(As for the other problem, the pc takes about 4 seconds to boot after the ASUS motherboard screen. It goes through a single underscore black screen before the windows logo. Now, for some reason for some time as well, it runs through two extra black screens with the underscore, before the windows logo. However, after this BSOD and reset, it goes back to the very fast startup. So this may be connected).