Question Kernel Power 41 / PC crashes only when playing games

Aug 5, 2022
A week ago i got a brand new computer and it keeps crashing when gaming. after around 30 minutes of playing call of duty warzone or battlefield 1 i get kernel power 41 error and it only happens in games. With heavy work programs it doesn't happen at all. Even running furmark for an hour didn't do anything. At first when i got this pc it would crash instantly when trying to launch a game. I fixed it but i do not remember how.

When this pc crashes its still running but all of the connected devices and screen turn off and trying to turn it off by holding the power button doesn't work,
you have to completly turn the power off and wait untill the light stops shining. It doesn't bluescreen or restart.

And another bad thing is, is that it never creates a dumpfile. I've tried everything but it just can't generate a minidump nor a MEMORY.DMP file

Things i've tried:

-all the fixes from youtube
-tests like furmark/memtest
-updating/deleting useless drivers
-numerous scans
-updating bios and downloading everything motherboard related
-uninstalling all programs like nvidia experience, razer synapse itd...
-messing around in bios and using settings that people on different forums said it fixed it
-trying different power outlets and cables
-swapping ram slots

I've really tried everything i found and nothing stopped it i'm mad.
Some of these slightly improved it making it crash less but its still very very often and really annoying

keep in mind it doesn't generate any dump files

Pc Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
MSI MPG A750GF 750W 80 Plus Gold
Gigabyte B550 GAMING X V2
SiletniumPC Ventum VT4 TG
SiletniumPC Fera 5 120mm
GOODRAM 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz CL18 IRDM PRO Deep Black
Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Ti X3 LHR 8GB GDDR6X
WD 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Blue SN570

Also after the critical kernel power 41 error event viewer shows a error id 15 "The device driver for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encountered a non-recoverable error in the TPM hardware, which prevents TPM services (such as data encryption) from being used. For further help, please contact the computer manufacturer. "


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Can you check and see what your BIOS version is for your motherboard at this moment of time? You could try and source a donor PSU that is higher in wattage and see if the issue persists. In fact you should try and source a 1KW reliably built unit and see if the issue is repeated.