Question Key input lag whilst playing games ?

Nov 11, 2021
Currently experiencing issues with playing games on my PC. I've been having this issue where I'll be playing a game and if I have to hold a key press (W to go forward for example), after I release, it continues to hold the input for an extended amount of time. It seems to hold the input after release the longer I hold the key and only happens on games.
If I press other keys after that, it won't register the press until after the initial cycle on the previous key has finished, and then it's like it goes into a queue where if I'm holding W, then hold S, the W will continue for an extended amount of time, and then the S will stack on top of it, and then once the W press is completed, it will get stuck on an S cycle and continue a press until it decides it's done if that makes sense.

I don't know if there's a name for it but it's happening with almost every game I play, and happens with every key press that is a hold.
I've contacted SteelSeries re. the keyboard (Apex Pro), but I feel like it's potentially something in the background, like software or a service perhaps. So far it's happened on games through Steam, the Xbox app and the EA app.

I'm not great at troubleshooting so I'd just like some advice on what I could do. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, BIOS is up to date. Recently migrated to Windows 11 but the issue was still happening on 10.

I read that it could be an issue with Windows Power Management so I changed the settings on the keyboard and nothing has happened.
If I need to give more hardware spec details let me know because it's my first time posting here.

Cheers in advance!