Keyboard acting strange after sleep mode

Oct 17, 2018
My pc was on sleep mode for 8 hours, few hours after waking up my keyboard started to spam keys and my mouse froze (it happened once before but a restart fixed it). Keyboard LED lights stay on after shutting down the pc. I restarted CMOs, unplugged PSU etc. Changing ports worked for mouse, but not for keyboard (it either spams keys or doesnt work at all). I tried connecting them to a laptop, the mouse was working, keyboard isnt and it blocked the touchpad on the laptop like it did with the mouse on pc. My other keyboard is working normally. Today i tried plugging keyboard and mouse to the same ports, keyboard lights are still on but doesnt work and mouse works for a second and then freezes (lights go off) and then works again and so on... Right now nothing is working and the lights are off on both of them. I feel like its a problem connected to the motherboard and that it somehow messed up the keyboard.

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