Jul 8, 2020
I got a computer from my brother that he didnt want because its not portable so I factory reset it, after it loaded all its stuff it asked me my region to help set up the computer and the mouse and keyboard didnt work like they werent plugged in! Brother says he doesnt know whats going on and it worked fine for him. Note that when I turn the pc on with the mouse and keyboard plugged in it turns on for a second and when I do that f12 startup thing they work fine and sometimes a thing comes up that Windows 10 didnt load right and there was an error prompting me to go to some settings or reset the computer the mouse and keyboard works fine then too and ive looked through both options neither worked normally the question asking me if I'm in the USA etc pops up and thats the only time they don't work at all ive factory reset it twice now nothing works PLS HELPI CANT GET PAST THE FIRST QUESTION OF THE PC SET UP BECAUSE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD WONT WORK they are fine on other devices this just wont work with this pc!!!!