[SOLVED] Keyboard and mouse not working ?!!!

Nov 21, 2020
So right now i renovated my old laptop and removed it's HDD and replaced it with a new SSD, instead of throwing the HDD away i put it into my pc now it has a installation of windows 7 on that disk and i wanted to boot into it through my pc which already has a SSD with windows 10. so i boot into the HDD through bios and i go inside windows 7 and notice that my keyboard and mouse stop working keyboard and mouse worked in bios and F8 menu but did not work within safe mode or even normal windows 7.
I have tried many things in bios and nothing worked could not even find a proper tutorial please help.

My specs are
Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1660 super
16gb ram
WD scorpio blue (culprit drive windows 7)
Crucial BX500 (windows 10 drive my main)