Question Keyboard backlight won't turn on - Acer Nitro 5


Jan 11, 2016

I have recently purchased a refurb A1 graded ACER NITRO 5 laptop, model AN515-52. The laptop came in mint condition without a cosmetic scratch in sight.

The laptop came with a fresh installation of windows. I completed the Windows 10 installation process and installed all the updates, got the latest drivers from Nvidea (GTX 1050) and used the Acer Care software to install the latest things.

The laptop runs fine however, the KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT does not work.

I have tried FN + F9 as the internet suggests, nothing happens. I have changed the settings in BIOS during launch as suggested online to prevent the keyboard backlight timing out after 30 seconds. But the problem I have is that the backlight will not turn on whatsoever.

Another suggestion is to go into the NITROSENSE Software and there are some options there in SETTINGS regarding the backlight. These options do not exist on my Nitrosense.

I've also looked around the Windows Power Options and cannot find anything to help.

I have been trying to resolve this whilst the laptop has been plugged into AC power supply with max performance power settings

I haven't updated the BIOS as the internet seems to say beware you can turn your laptop into an expensive paperweight it it goes wrong.

I have tried to help myself but cannot!! I come to the Tom's Hardware community in hope I can be helped, please!!!!!

I am monitoring this thread and receiving push notifications if any response is received..

Many thanks