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Question Keyboard gaming corsair k55 rgb or Krom kernel?


Oct 2, 2013

I want buy a new keyboard but my budget its just 60€. I'm looking for corsair k55 rgb cost 59€ but it's not mechanical and hav option for Krom Krenel it's a mechanical keyboard with outemu red swtichs.

I like both my question is what's better, mechanical or non mechanical? Or can you recommend me a keyboard with this budget?

It's for gaming.

Thank you


There is no "better" when it comes to selecting a keyboard, or many things like that actually. It's what you like. I know people that like to use laptop style keyboards with flat keys and no real feel, my dad likes his membrane keyboard better than a nice Optical Red switch one I bought him, etc...

Have you used a mechanical keyboard with red switches? If not then you won't know if you like it till you try it. Almost everyone will have several opinions about what to get, but you are the only one that will know if you like any of those.

If you can't go into a store to try things out, then just read a bit about how the feel and sound is and pick something, does not matter what, you will need to try it in your hands. If you don't like it, try another one. Redragon is on the cheaper side and they should also have plenty of key options for you to try out, and are available in most markets.

I do like the Gateron switches better than outemu by quite a bit, their optical ones are really nice, very smooth feeling but harder to find in keyboards. Most are smaller like this model, which I own actually and using now https://www.amazon.com/SK64-Grey-Wired-Gateron-Optical/dp/B08888HD46/ref=sr_1_22?crid=8KVC4LL5IWPK&dchild=1&keywords=optical+red+switch+keyboard&qid=1594140938&sprefix=optical+red,aps,143&sr=8-22 Nice part about it is that the switches are hotswappable so you can play around with buying different optical switches for it for pretty cheap and get a whole new keyboard feel if you want. https://www.amazon.com/Replaceable-Switches-Mechanical-Keyboard-10/dp/B0817DNYP2?th=1
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