Question keyboard is not functioning on windows area, but it work properly when i open apps like word or browser


Oct 10, 2021
Hi everyone

Today i got a second hand laptop and have an strange issue with that.

its a Lenovo Thinkpad A275
windows 10

i have an strange problem, when trying to type to search something on taskbar or even type password for WIFI, nothing happens. i tried even external keyboard still the same issue. tried the on screen keyboard not functioning also.
but here is the strange part, if i open anything like word, or Microsoft edge or google chrome or even notepad, i can type with no problem.
i tried online keyboard test, showing everything is fine. so for wifi password i typed it in notepad, then i tried Ctrl+V to paste it, it didnt work, but with right click and choosing paste was able to enter the password

i there anyone who can help me on how to fix this issue? is there any settings which is blocking the keyboard?


Win 10 Master
does it work in safe mode?
  1. go to settings/update & security/recovery
  2. under advanced startup, click restart now button
  3. this restarts PC in a blue menu
  4. choose troubleshoot
  5. choose advanced
  6. choose startup options
  7. click the restart button
  8. choose a safe mode (it doesn't matter which) by using number associated with it.
  9. Pc will restart and load safe mode
Tried a clean boot?
Try a clean boot and see if it changes anything - make sure to read instructions and make sure NOT to disable any microsoft services or windows won't load right -

if clean boot fixes it, it shows its likely a startup program. You should, over a number of startups. restart the programs you stopped to isolate the one that is to blame.