[SOLVED] Keyboard Issues After Clean Windows 10 Install


Sep 1, 2013
Hello all. I just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and have been working to get my drivers and everything back up to date but have been having issues with my keyboard, a Steelseries Apex Gaming Keyboard (not an Apex 3/5/etc. or Apex Pro). Despite many removals/uninstallations of both the device and the Steelseries Engine software, I am still having it stop working. The lights will suddenly blink off for a split second and come back on, after which everything but the macros and media keys simply no longer work. They remain lit, but the computer receives no input from them. The macros and the dedicated media keys work fine, but everything between them is useless; the sort of "standard" keyboard keys cease working but the "unique" keys to this keyboard, like changing my lighting profiles and as I said the dedicated media keys, work fine. The only fix outside of restarting the computer of course seemingly is to unplug it and plug it back in. It seems to occur most often anywhere from 1-10 seconds after I stop typing I suppose. I have yet to have it occur right in the middle of typing a word, for instance, so perhaps there is some relation to being idle? Still I've had it occur almost instantly after finishing an input, I've had times of typing back and forth during a conversation online for several minutes before the problem occurs, and I've had periods of twenty minutes that it goes untouched and is still functional when I return, so that's very strange indeed. It's happened twice over the course of my posting this.

All I can find in the way of solutions is related to a model that is not mine, or suggesting doing things like turning off Filter Keys (which are already off, or recommending some variation of reinstalling the drivers and/or restarting the PC, which I've done a number of times. I am out of ideas, and it of course isn't exactly something inconsequential. Any help would be greatly appreciated.