Question Keyboard keeps creating multiple HID Keyboard Device entries in windows 10

Nov 1, 2019
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the HID drivers for the device. I also tried several different USB ports. The following is an example of what happens if I don't remove all four HID device drivers and reboot: (Note: This keyboard does not come with a driver. They say it's not needed.)

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  1. 7&So 7far I7've r7un 7"okk" to b7ring u7p 7the virtual 7keyboard7
  2. I rein7stalled O7ffice7
3)& N&ote: t7hi7s is a 7brand new 7OS 7just 7installe7d three days ago. My 2nd new OS install in the past two weeks.
  1. 7N7umlock is not on77
  2. can’t download and ru7n &Reimage because 7M7a7lwareBytes flags i7t as unsaf7e 7and it has a 7pup in 7it
  3. &Fn + 7Nu7mlock or an7yother keys doe7s no7t work7
7&) have7 tr7ied thr7ee dif7fer7ent keyboar7ds
8)& N&ote: I7'm running 7zWindows 10 P&ro 7on a deskt7op
9) 7sfn/ s7cannow 7finds corrupt f7iles but then says they are repaired.