Question Keyboard lights are on but nothing else works

Aug 1, 2020
So I was playing Fallout when the game crashed forcing me to do a forced shutdown, I then accidentally clicked the power button again to start the pc up again before everything had fully shut off. I'm pretty sure that this shorted the psu because now on my first attempt to try to start the pc, the psu makes 2 clicking noises but nothing else happens but the psu doesn't any noises on subsequent attempts to turn the pc on. If I unplug the psu then plug it back in it once again makes 2 clicking noises on my first attempt to power up the pc but is silent if I try again after that. For some reason the keyboard lights are now on permanently even though nothing else appears to be on. All of the parts are only about 2 months old.
I really have no idea what I'm doing so if anyone can help me confirm that it's a psu issue or identify the problem and help get things working again it would be greatly appreciated.