Question Keyboard making "ghost" inputs, but only on a few keys ?


Aug 27, 2018
So, yesterday my Cougar 600k keyboard started making ghost inputs, seemingly out of nowhere. shows that the N key keeps being pressed constantly, sometimes being input as "," , the M key is entirely non-funcional, and the left control is also pressed sometimes, but strangely when i press it it registers an input for both controls and both alts. I also noticed that the volume control buttons are also being activated randomly.

I have tried :
Reinstalling the drivers
Downloading the latest firmware from the manufacturer
Starting my pc on safe mode
Scanning for a virus with Malwarebytes
Changing the USB port
Using it on another computer
Using the windows keyboard troubleshooter

None of these have worked. I changed to another keyboard and this one is working fine, so i surmise the issue is with the keyboard itself. The keys don't seem stuck or even dirty in any way. Anyone have a clue as to what could be happening? I would rather not have to buy another keyboard.


The issue is indeed with the keyboard and the issue specifically is with the key switches for the keys that are being depressed or that there's dirt or debris causing the key switch to register. I'd advise in taking all the keycaps off and then using a fine bristle brush to go over the PCB. If that fails to bring about any resolution, you can try disassembling the entire keyboard and then desolder the switches that are known to be depressed regardless of any input. If the switch is the culprit, finding a replacement keyswitch might not be hard...Aliexpress, Bangood and Ebay are your friends.

You might need to reassess the endeavor since a new keyboard might cost far less than all the supplies you're going to need and probably a dead keyboard and a lot of resources dropped into a prior gen peripheral.