Question Keyboard/Mouse Question!


Jun 29, 2013
So let me try to explain:
When i am in game and i have a certain hotkey, lets say "H" which allows me to quickly go from one unit to another, holding it allows a scrolling effect. That means holding the key down would cycle through all the units one by one automatically. I can always manually tap the key again and again which would result in the same action.

So basically just holding the key down automatically mimics the tap tap tap instead of me hitting the key over and over. This works great and im happy.

My question is how can i get this on my mouse? I tried to set the same key and bind it to my mouse's side button and it doesn't autoscroll like on the keyboard. I had to tap tap tap each time for it to work and holding it down just issues the command ONCE. Is there a way i can map hotkeys to mouse and they behave like keyboard hotkeys? Also this isn't a game specific thing, i tried in multiple games and same idea.

I am using razer deathadder and razer deathstalker.