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Question Keyboard no longer working after replacing palmrest

Jun 3, 2021
Hey all, hoping for a little direction. Like the title says, after replacing the palmrest of my HP notebook 15 the keyboard no longer works. The touchpad works fine though.

Some keys output characters that aren’t assigned to them when pressed. When you hit “v” it outputs “h”, for example. Some are hot keys for volume, screen dimness, etc are not where they are supposed to be.

My laptop is a dual-boot with Ubuntu and windows 10. Keyboard issues with both.

The keyboard connection pin seems to be seated solidly to the system board.

Any advice/direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Model for your laptop? It seems to me that you might need to replace the keyboard as well on your laptop. Either that or you need to pull out keycaps, gently, to see if you have any dust or debris under each keycap. Often times a sticky key can cause an issue as you've stated or that the keyboard is on it's way out, much like your palmrest.