Question Keyboard not working - Motherboard issue?

Mar 23, 2020

Not the best with PC hardware, but im having problems using my keyboard with my desktop.

Problem description:
As of now, a lot of the keys on my keyboard arent working , in different applications such as chrome, notepad or even windows search.
It's weird because a key might work in one application but not the other, also for example if I cant type the small letter "p" in chrome, I can do so by turning on Caps Lock, and holding down shift and then typing p.

Generally its just not working properly, and just after jumping into desktop, the keyboard does random stuff - such as pressing key a will bring up windows notification

The idea is that everything is going crazy. Sometimes after start up, 10 mins later everything works, but often times not.
Its also not working well in BIOS, only arrow keys work, I have to use a mouse for the most part

Here's a breakdown of what happened leading up to it:

I was trying to fix some other issue on my PC earlier (trying to get DP to DP to work with my PC), where I had to remove my GPU to access my cmos battery (I had tried to clear my CMOS by removing the battery and using a metal tool to short the clear cmos jumper)

List of things i have tried:
Reformatting windows OS (win10)
Keyboard (USB) works fine, tried with laptop
Update BIOS

Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3P
Windows 10

Please let me know if you need any other info or specs, im guessing its a dying mb or maybe i damaged it somewhere?

Thanks a lot for any help at all
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