Question Keyboard shuts down when key is pressed

Dec 2, 2019
I have a motospeed ck104 and it started to malfunction.
I've tested every key on the keyboard and whenever I press shift, ctrl, alt or if i press the windows key it just shut off.

I have a redragon one-hand keyboard as well and it works fine and the motospeed one will bug out in other computers as well.
It's not the end of the world since I still can type, but is annoing as hell since all my passwords, and other typing i do daily requires use of these keys and i don't have any idea how to fix this.

it isn't a easy problem since both left and right keys (shift, ctrl and alt) do this, i've never spilled any liquid on the keyboard and have used it for nearly a year and a half now without a single problem or hiccup.
The cables are fine and windows recognize the keys on the redragon just fine, and since the keyboard shuts down in my wife computer as well i don't know any solution, google has been unhelpful and i don't know any other troubleshooting i'd could do to try and find out the problem that won't involve taking the keyboard appart.