Keyboard stops working properly at random.(urgent)

Jan 30, 2019
So this only started sunday around 1AM and it seems to have gotten worse. My keyboard will randomly start acting really weird. Like, escape button will open my windows button, using any key that is a letter or a number will open a save image. Usually the only way to fix this temporarily, which can be anywhere from 2 minutes before it happens again up to 12 hours.

My Keyboard is a 2016 blackwidow ultimate. Everything I have tried so far. I have tried updating my keyboard drivers, but they are up to date. I have tried updating all my other drivers which are up to date.

I did a full virus scan and malware scan, they found nothing. I ran 2 more of each to make sure.

I then tried it in different USB ports.

When that didn't work I tried uninstalling and re-installing my Keyboard drivers.

That solved the issue for about 12 hours, thought I had fixed it, then it happened again. So I thought it might be my keyboard.

So I went out to best buy and bought a new keyboard. I bought a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. Installed it, made sure all my drivers were up to date and they were. I thought my issue had been solved again. But about 5 hours later, It happened again.

I then uninstalled my keyboard drivers again thinking it might be some other keyboard driver affecting it. So I'm pretty sure it wasn't a keyboard issue because it is still happening.

I'm running Windows 10 version 1809. In case that might be the issue. Because I have read about some people having issues with certain builds of windows 10.