Keyboard Stops Working Randomly When Gaming

Jan 31, 2019
So this has been going on for quite a while and I'm finally sick of it. Every now and then when I load up certain games, my keyboard doesn't fully respond. It's only certain keys, I can still alt+tab and use escape and my mouse, but the other keys don't work. But it's never the whole keyboard, and sometimes the games will even register inputs but I don't have full control of them. For the longest time I thought it was my keyboard so I recently got a new Corsair K70 and it still does it. The games I notice it in are Destiny 2, Warframe, and League of Legends. In Destiny and Warframe it feels like other buttons are being held down because sometimes it'll register one of my wasd inputs and then my character will keep walking in that direction. Fully closing the game and re-opening it usually fixes the problem after a couple tries. I have tried updating my keyboard drivers, but they are up to date. I have tried updating all my other drivers which are also up to date. I've done a full virus scan and malware scan twice, they found nothing. I tried switching USB ports. I tried uninstalling and re-installing my Keyboard drivers. I'm at a complete loss, I can provide more information if needed/requested, I'll also try to record the problem when it happens again.