Keyboard Stops working till mouse moved...


Dec 26, 2009
Have the strangest problem here with my machine the past few weeks. Basically with Razor Lachesis mouse and Logitech G15 keyboard. I will be playing a game, and say go afk no more than 2 min to roll a smoke and when i start to type on keyboard again i find it unlit and shut off... When i move my mouse around and start to type it eventually lights back up and works again (about 10 sec of movement). Originally i figured this had to be some sort of power saving feature, however all of them are disabled in BIOS and in Vista itself. Ran Ad-Aware and an antivirus with no results.
I have also tried both mouse and keyboard (USB) in other ports and the same issue persists. Windows is up to date with sp3 and all of the current updates.

Has anyone had this happen to them and come across a solution?