Keyboard Stuck at typing 0 on every text box

Krappy Patty

Mar 17, 2017
Hello good fellas.

So since yesterday my keyboard has been behaving in a way that has never happened to me before. I have the corsair K70 lux, and it keeps typing 0 whenever i click any text boxes even tho im not pressing the button. Now what intrigues me is that it changed the button that was being spammed, as earlier this morning it was spamming dots (..........), i unplugged it, plugged it again and it changed to 0. Now, this seems to be a problem of this keyboard only, as i plugged another one and it works fine.

Keyboard works fine on the login screen, no spamming no nothing and i'm able to write my password to log in on windows, then as soon as i get in, the problem begins.

I tried uninstalling the keyboard drivers, system recovery to 2 days ago, taking every key, cleaning them out and putting them back again, going to easy of access panel on control panel and nothing has worked so far. this is a fairly new keyboard (bought it about 2 months ago) and i dont want to throw it away and waste about 100 euros.


Try other keyboards on your computer.

Try the Cosair K70 on other computers.

See if the problem stays with your computer or follows the Cosair K70

If the problem follows the Cosair K70 then contact the seller/manufacturer for a RMA.

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