Question Keyboard typing one key by itself


Jun 16, 2016
Hi everyone,

Just recently my keyboard, or system should I say? Started acting up. Randomly it'll type the dash key and I have no idea what's causing this. It'll just type this: -

For example, if I leave my PC on and open notepad and just leave it at notepad after like half an hour I'd come back to this: -----------------

It's not too long or anything and doesn't seem to happen too much, but what could be the problem here? I don't think it's a virus as I really never open anything suspicious, like for example email attachments, sketchy websites etc. I also buy all my games through steam and buy software I never pirate anything. Also for websites I always scan the link first if I see it as suspicious etc.

Things I've tried are, running windows updates, opened the virtual keyboard and it still types it but I don't see the key pressed on the onscreen virtual keyboard, nor does the sound play (when you press the button). Disabled sticky keys etc... Nothing really worked. I also noticed this happened when the latest windows updates installed 2 days ago, or more can't remember, it was last week.

The weirdest thing is, I unplugged the keyboard and it still occurred! It's really strange.

While typing this, it happened once, so it's not a huge problem but still annoying.

What could be the issue here? Anyone knows?

Win 10 professional, updated.
8 gigs of ram ddr3
1050 ti 4gb
i5 3470.
SFF HP case.
My keyboard is some generic Genius keyboard, but I can find the model as well if needed.

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