Question Keyboard & USB Ports Suddenly Don't Work - Win 10


Jan 11, 2012
I'm trying to help a friend whose keyboard & USB ports won't respond. I've gone through some basic 'My keyboard doesn't work' YouTube videos, have updated Windows and have attempted to update drivers. 'Keyboard' under the device manager is missing if that's any help. I've also tried to go to Action>Add legacy hardware in the device manage but that didn't work either.

Obviously with no working USB ports I can't use any form of physical keyboard (plugged in or onboard)

Fortunately, the SD card slot works, and I've loaded a fresh copy of Win 10 onto the card, but can't boot from the drive because I can't change boot drive order due to the keyboard problem. My next plan is to install it directly from within Windows the next chance I have. Bare in mind this is all a shot in the dark. Reformatting is my last guess before claiming it's a motherboard issue and having him either take it to Geek Squad or sell it for parts.

The only thing we haven't really tried is re-seating the ribbon for the keyboard, which I'd have a great feeling about if the USB ports didn't magically come up as an issue at the same time. It looks like we'd have to go in from the bottom to get to the keyboard.

I should mention that this is a ~2016ish ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop with dedicated GPU running Windows 10 x64. I will have to get back with exact details on specs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: The exact model is an ASUS ROG GL553VE-DS74. I've reformatted the computer through Windows. Not really ideal but the best I could do. I also thought about putting his SSD in my desktop and reformatting it but it looks like his is NVME... so that's not an option. Past that I have no ideas. I found this forum post by another ROG user, which seems very similar but my model doesn't have the same software and theirs mentioned didn't work. Ah. Also re-seated the keyboard ribbon successfully and that did noting.
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