Question Keyboard will stop working on occasion


Jan 9, 2012
I do not know why but here lately, my keyboard will simply stop working. The backlight remains on and all other connected devices work fine. When it happened this morning, I plugged in a backup Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 that I have and it too did not work. I have also tried using different USB ports, to no avail. It just does not work. In order to get any keyboard working again,I have to restart Windows. I am thinking it is a driver bug but if so,I do not understand it not effecting other devices as well. I have tried uninstalling the keyboard from Device Manager and restarting and that has not helped. Mouse, game controllers, storage drives, and everything else is working fine. This morning, I also tried going into Device Manager and uninstalling all the USB controllers and restarting (thank goodness I have my power button set to "shut down") one at a time but I do not think it changed anything. Can anyone think of a possible cause of this?