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Question Keyboard working, but display shows no signal

Sep 26, 2019
I recently build a pc, all components working fans running but display says no signal, plz help.
I connected HDMI cable with graphics card and this didn't worked then I connected HDMI cable to motherboard and removed graphics card but this also didn't worked. What should I do ? Plz help me....
BTW I didn't have monitor, I tried this on a LCD TV
My specs :
Ryzen 7 1700
ASRock b450 pro4
Adata spectrix d41 8gb 3000mhz
Gtx 1660 6gb
Cooler master 550 watt PSU
Try borrowing a monitor, installing the graphics card and connecting the monitor to it. The onboard does not work with that CPU (no integrated graphics). After installing Windows and drivers, you should be able to use the tv,