Question Keyboard's "W" button "stuck" after being hold down

May 5, 2019
Whenever I hold down my "W" button for a while, the computer (In this case, an A456U ASUS Laptop) would still think that I'm pushing down the button despite me releasing the button. The button itself isn't stuck, it's just that the computer still thinks I'm still pressing it down.

For Example :
I'm holding down the "W" button to walk forward in a game. When I released the button to stop the character movement, the character would still be walking for a few seconds before it stopped.

Interesting things I found :
-The longer I pressed it down, the longer the button would "Stuck"

-It happens on every app I used, even Microsoft Office

-Whenever I pushed another button while holding it down (for example holding "W", then clicking "D" at the same time, I wouldn't be able to input "W" for a few seconds.

-Again, only the "W" button is acting like this, all the other button on my keyboard can normally be pushed down

Is this a software issue that i can fix on my own, or is it a hardware issue and i should get it repaired? (The keyboard is a built-in on the laptop)