KHÜLER H2O 620 + another fan


Apr 11, 2012
Hi all i'm new into Tom's Harware forum,

I have in project to replace my cooler (Hyper212 +), and I buy the kit Watercooling Antec, the Kühler H2O 620.
But apparently the fan that would not be very quiet too. I have thinking about buying one more fan model: ENERMAX TB SILENCE 120mm, what do you think?
For only 11 decibels, it blows 71.54 m3/h and 900 rpm and that of 27.4 dB for display Antec 110 CFM to 2000 (fully), 110 CFM would be equal to 64.74 m3/h (according to my calculations , if you could check).

What do you recommend then to take it with the Enermax TB Silence or so with another model?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English


Mar 3, 2011
See "Cooling Fan Roundup 2012" by 4ryan6 in this forum. Water Kuhler has raiator. The radiator adds restricktion to fan air flow. Fan must overcome restricktion or resistance to air flow. Experts here reccommend thicker fan case to overcome resistance. Instead of 120X120X20 mm, use 120X120X 35mm or thicker for air flow through radiator or use two fans, one on each side or radiator " push pull".
It would be a downgrade to get the 620 than staying with the 212+ You should first buy a quieter fan such as the fan you listed, or the Cougar Vortex 120mm Fan. ( ) You can also buy 2 of them for a push pull setup with the 212+ which gives much better performance than the Kuhler 620. As said before, there is no point of upgrading to a 620 because they have a marginal difference in performance. In fact, with a push pull configuration the 212+ will allow much higher headroom for overclocking than the 620. This is because watercooling, or at least radiators only have a certain space for a certain TDP (Thermal Design Power) of heat that can be dissapated.