kind of a noob question


Oct 9, 2007
When I built my system I had a friend who I thought at the time knew alot about computers but am beginning to think he doesnt.

I have 2gb of Corsair 8500C5D and want to put some more ram in when i upgrade to vista 64bit. My question is would I be better off having 8gb of DDR2 800 or 4gb of DDR2 1066. I havent done any overclocking but I might in the future. My friend told me to go with the 8500 when i was building my system but Im beginning to think hes wrong from reading some posts here.

my system is eVGA 680i - Q6600 - 2gb 8500 - 8800ultra - Creative X-FI - 2 150gb Raptor - 1 500gb 7200rpm


If you're not OCing than 8500 was a waste of money. Its great memory, but you wont be using that fast of a FSB and your system will underclock that memory.

I think at the moment 8GB is just not needed, save your money, buy 2 more stick of the 8500 memory you have. 4GB should be plenty. That is a very fast system by the way.


Feb 9, 2007
You might also consider selling the 8500 and buying 4gb of 6400. DDR2 800 is all you need with an overclocked Q6600 and anything more (although it will speed the system slightly) is wasted money. Higher speed RAM usually has higher latency which counter acts the benefit of the faster speed also Intel chips run more efficiently at 1:1 with the RAM.