Kind of long range multi house wifi solution

May 22, 2018

We have a place with three houses that will soon get a new Internet connection, 100 down 10 up.
I made a little sketch showing the layout of it:

As the picture shows, we get the connection in the central house and want some kind of wireless connection to the others, while the one in the bottom of the picture has no power available. We have looket at different access points to provide wifi from the central house to the others, but are unsure whether the range will suffice. What would the best way to connect all the houses to the internet, preferably wirelessly, look like?

Thanks for any help!


You could add two directional access points, one pointing toward each out-building. The outdoor APs would be connected via ethernet cable to the central router. The building with power could optionally have an outdoor directional access point pointed at the main house to form a wireless bridge. Nothing to be done for a building without power. Engenius and Ubiquiti both have directional outdoor WIFI access points.
On my property I have a kid's playhouse with no power built by the previous owner. It was far enough away to only get about third to quarter signal power from my WiFi (AT&T ISP wireless router by Arris). What I did was run power and Ethernet from it underground and placed a WiFi range extender in a pole-mounted birdhouse about halfway to it (weatherproof sealed). While a little elaborate, the problem was solved and people just think it is just a normal birdhouse not even giving it a second glance.