Kinda screwed my new monitor..need help asap



Ok I have a Viewsonic PF790 which I payed top dollar for..and I recently had the top right corner scratched. The scrach isnt DEEP so to speak but it did make noticable marks on the protective plastic and I really cant stand it since it looks really bad but the monitor works fine and its still great working. I have NO way to send this back nor can I afford to buy a new one and I wanna know if theres any way I can possibly remove the part thats screwed or like file or rub some type of chemical that will smooth it out or if theres some place or where I can fix it? I really need help with this becuase I got no idea how to fix it and its so apparent. Its so random that it got scratched and its just one of those sucky freak occurances. ANY help is very much appreciated...


May 3, 2001
you could use goof off to chemically melt the plastic down but it will leave a noticable smooth in the(i'm sure)somewhat textured plastic. and it might ruin your crt. your best bet is to put a sticker over it. so it's eigther a sticker or live with a scratch?
when i first started going to college my truck got so many scratches on it by dumb ass college students that didn't even know how to open their own damn door correctly or couldn't coem to grips with the fact that their 300pound fat a$$ with the 50 pound back back couldn't make it between two cars parked 10 inches away. the point is that, well i forgot. just live with the freaking scratch you obsesive compulsive twit, try having them appear on your truck everyday thanks to one type of person that's a majority at UCI.

repeat after me, we are all individuals!