Question Kindle Fire HD 10 keeps throwing up a water detected warning

Dec 29, 2019
My Kindle Fire HD keeps throwing the water detected in the charge port whenever I plug in my kindle to charge. I actually have 2 of these and they show the same problem on both tablets. It doesnt matter where I plug it in but I do use the same cable as my child took off with my other one and I can't find it. I don't understand how there could be water in the charging port if it wasn't near water to begin with. I have already followe Amazon's troubleshooting steps. I have tried to blow out the port with my lung power. I havent tried a compressed air can yet but I will. What I'm trying to figure out is what can I do to stop this problem from happening all the time.
I do let it sit for a day or 2 and like magic it charges again. But as soon as I unplug and replug it in, the sensor goes off. I'm at a wits end. Amazon has replaced this tablet once already. Please if anybody knows how to keep it from going off, I'm listening.
Update: I did try to use another cord and the same problem popped up. I have not tried the can of compressed air but I will as soon as I get out to my storage building.



Condensation perhaps.

I would stop using lung power to blow out the charging port. Breathe contains moisture.

Likewise, canned air cools as it expands and if you cool the charging port then air moisture may cause condensation.

Noted a number of online "fixes" and so forth and companies likewise claiming fixes. Would put no faith in any of those.

I found the following Amazon link:

Where is the Kindle normally kept? Do you move it from a cooler area to a warmer area for use?

Overall, I recommend that you pursue the matter via Amazon. The problem does seems to be well documented and maybe another new tablet (or two) might be forthcoming.