[SOLVED] Kingston 1 TB A2000 M.2 or WD Blue 1 TB M.2 SSD?

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I don't know which one is going to be a beter choice. I love WD, never heared a bad common thing about their Blue series. I also like Kingston and as I know, both of the SSDs are quality ones.

Can you please tell me which one would you prefer and why? In here, their prices are equal. I also use a MSI Z270 Gaming M3 motherboard. I think I will be able to use them without issue: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z270-GAMING-M3.html

Note: I already have 2 Kingston SSDs and a HDD. Would it be a problem if I would put an M.2 into the slot?

Thank you.
You should specify which WD blue m.2 you're referring to, there are two variants: a SATA version and an NVMe version.
This is the NVMe version I recommend:

That being said I agree with @USAFRet. WD has a good track record with reliable components and software management (excluding the constant scandals around bad marketing practices). Kingston on the otherhand, while functional and will get the job done, has poor software management for their consumer drives relative to WD.
@Newtonius "WDS100T2B0B" is the full model of it I guess. That is the M.2 one. The photo of it: https://prnt.sc/ywgutc

That is the SATA m.2 version. That version is MUCH slower as it uses SATA technology. The link I posted above is the NVMe m.2 version. M.2 just represents the interface/physical form factor, SATA and NVMe in laymen terms represent the speed. SATA is slower than NVMe.