Question Kingston A2000 - Freezing during file transfer


It's been awhile.

CPU: Ryzen 2600
Motherboard: ASUS A320M-K Prime
SSD in question: Kingston A2000 1TB
Windows 10 2004 64 bit

Issue: Kingston A2000 hangs during file copy, apps seem not to be installed properly, Windows Update doesn't seem to work properly and errors out on install

Originally wanted to upgrade my friend's PC from a Sandisk Extreme II 240GB to Kingston A2000 1TB. Started off just cloning the drive with Clonezilla, drive didn't copy across properly and was corrupt + some issues with going SATA -> NVME. Okay, I get that isn't "best practice" so I reformat the Kingston A2000, install a fresh copy of Windows 10 2004.

Install works fine, I install things, everything seems to work fine until I try to copy files to the new install. Things install fine but something is off. I try to copy files from the Sandisk Extreme II (old photos, word docs etc) and the whole process just hangs.

Sure we've got some hiccups now, maybe it's a dodgy USB drive idk.

I start installing some apps, Steam, League of Legends, Libreoffice. The installs finish. I reboot. Suddenly Steam's exe doesn't boot properly. Libreoffice thinks it wasn't installed. League of Legends complaints that dx9d3_34.dll is missing. I install DX9 and .net framework. Still, same issue. I try to update Windows 10. Sometimes that works if for whatever reason. Update fails.

I try to reinstall thinking maybe something got corrupted somehow in the install process. New install #2. I try to install AMD graphics drivers while copying over some old downloaded files. It hangs at the "extraction" phase. Ctrl + Alt + Del doesn't work. I give it 20 minutes. Nothing.

Right now I'm frustrated. Ready to put in the towel.

Things I've tried
  • Fresh install (x2)
  • Kingston SSD Manager
  • BIOS update
  • AMD chipset drivers
  • Enabling AMI NVMe driver in BIOS
To try
- Install it into a different PC

Looking online I see someone having similarish experiences on Linux with the 500GB version:
However he seems to have it working out of the box with Windows 10.

Related to this is a Reddit post that seems to indicate that the Kingston A2000 has compatibility issues with systems and will BSOD because it's designed for "very specific systems": View:

Also, I'm frustrated enough to think that this may explain the source of my troubles with this SSD: