Kingston compatibility, problem with Voltages


Nov 7, 2008

I have a 2x 1GB Kingston PC8500 DDR2 1066mhz. Im now adding more memory(2x 2GB).

Problem is, I only found in stores the "new" pack with different heat-spreaders.

I should be getting this to guarantee 100% compatibility between my current memory and the new pack:

But I only found in stores this one.

I compared both pdf's, and the only diference between both is the supose Voltage they need at 1066mhz. The normal kit says 2.2V, the kit with tunned heat-spreads says 2.2v, 2.3v.

Im no expert,but isnt there a small risk when I OC my 6GB to 1066mhz at 2.2v? since one of the packs MAY need 2.3v.

Or is complety safe? without heat-spreaders, memory packs are exactly the same. So if one works in 1066mhz at 2.2v,the other one should do the same. (check Pfd's please)

ty in advance


Well, QVLs don't guarantee anything, just to be sure. They just state that so-and-so mobo manufacturer has tested RAM kit with product, which implies compatibility for normal operations.

Since you're pushing voltages, are you confident about the output of your PSU? In the first place, what's your mobo?