Question Kingston HyperX 64GB kit of 2 HX426S16IBK2/64

Dec 31, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I am new here and this is my first post / help request.

I made a purchase from Amazon of Kingston Hyperx memory (64GB 32x2, 2666MHz, Part Number HX426S16IBK2/64) for my MSI Laptop, when I received my package the seal was already broken. The label on the packaging and on the sticks said the Part Number is HX426S16IBK2/64 but when checked with CPU-Z, Speccy, and Windows 10 CMD, I could not find HX426S16IBK2/64 anywhere. All these utilities show that the Part Number for both sticks is KHX2666C16S4/32G. I did a lot of research on the internet in order to know how to make sure the sticks belong to the same kit they came in, but with no luck. So I returned it (still waiting for the refund) thinking someone might have replaced the paired-sticks with individual sticks, and placed another order for HX426S16IBK2/64 from another seller on Amazon. Now when I received the delivery the packaging for this new order was intact, I opened it myself and the stickers say Part Number is HX426S16IBK2/64, but again CPU-Z, Speccy, and CMD say Part Number is KHX2666C16S4/32G on both the sticks and not HX426S16IBK2/64. Everything else about these sticks (Timing, Voltage, Bandwidth, etc) exactly matches with the datasheet provided by Kingston on their website. But the Part Number in Kingston Datasheet does not match with what CPU-Z, Speccy, and CMD show.

Please help me out here, just putting stickers on the sticks is not enough to guarantee its genuineness. How can I know I have got what I have paid for? And How can we know that all the sticks in a kit belong to the same kit they came in without opening up the laptop and looking at the stickers? Is there any way / utility / software that can tell us that?

Thank you.



Congratulations on your vigilance. This is the sort of thing that some unscrupulous customers and probably even a few sellers will do.

The best that you can do is to check what you receive, but I would not be surprised if individual sticks of memory might have a different code that a set -- the important thing is that they are the correct size in GB and have the proper speed and timing and run properly on your computer. I would also run the free version of MEMTEST86.

Good luck and have a happy and prosperous 2021.
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